The District Beautifies The Motor Homes Antenna To Make The

The district beautifies the Motor Homes Antenna to make the urban environment more harmonious

With the development of mobile communication, in order to provide higher quality network services, mobile operators have put forward the concept of full coverage and seamless coverage, and continuously increase investment in network construction. The increasing number of wireless base stations and Motor Homes Antennas has brought a lot of negative problems.

Domestic leading communication technology BBS, on the one hand, in a city, a typical Motor Homes Antenna is placed at the top of the buildings, and considering the demands of cover, Motor Homes Antenna will show buildings, avoid being building block, which makes these forest of Motor Homes Antenna in cities will affect the entire city is beautiful. Along with the development of the city, some cities in the urban landscape will be more strict, the need for building and harmonious coexistence, the whole city average Motor Homes Antenna under these circumstances is conspicuous, affect the various eyesores.

In addition, although the electromagnetic radiation design in wireless network construction projects can meet the public radiation requirements of national standards. However, with the improvement of people's environmental protection awareness, most citizens have a blind rejection of the base station entering its surrounding buildings because of their ignorance of mobile communication base stations. These have greatly increased the difficulty in the coordination, engineering implementation and maintenance of base stations of mobile communication operators.

The Chinese have a saying that "no eyes are clean", to avoid the resistance of residents, and to reach the effect of coverage, it is a good idea to conceal the car's antenna. Hidden by shell in automobile antennas at the same time, to beautify the appearance of the shell, also can make the Motor Homes Antenna and the surrounding environment harmonious, harmonious with the face of the whole city, meet the needs of the urban beautification. As a kind of means, the automobile antenna beautification project satisfies the increasing demand of the urban environment and receives more and more attention from all parties concerned. The beautification of the Motor Homes Antenna was born.

So-called "beautify Motor Homes Antenna", can also be referred to as "camouflage" Motor Homes Antenna, namely in under the condition of not increasing the propagation loss, through various means to disguise, modify the appearance of Motor Homes Antenna to achieve the purpose of beautification, already beautification the visual environment of the city, also reduced the residents' fear of wireless electromagnetic environment and, at the same time also can extend the life of the Motor Homes Antenna, guarantee the quality of communication. There is no established touch and regulation to beautify the Motor Homes Antenna, but with the change of the environment, it is necessary to adopt a flexible appearance, which is intended to incorporate the antenna into its environment. According to the actual installation environment of the Motor Homes Antenna, we can select the suitable beautifying automobile antenna. The MSCBSC mobile communications BBS has 300,000 communications professionals, more than 500,000 GSM / 3G communications technology data, and is a leading domestic focus on communication technology and communication people's living communities.

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